What The Industry Is Saying

Peter Dimako, Director of Photography
“The DP Lumi lights feature outstanding CRI and power. Very soft, and beautiful light, in a remarkably lightweight package. Cable connections are strong, and the product is very fast to set up, which is a must for speedier and speedier productions, where top quality is needed and time of the essence. With the use of the Sekonic C700, I received a score consistently over 96 CRI at any available, tunable range from 3200K to 5600K. This is a must-have in our lighting kit. Well done!”
Martin Cole
Director of Photography

“The flexibility and light output are my top favorite features of these lights. On a shoot where we had to shoot a conversation between two people, I was able to create a china ball affect by bending a 1×3. The light output was very soft, yet strong enough to compete with windows behind the subjects. DP Lumi lights will become an integral part of my lighting kit.”

Michelle Abbruzzese
Professional Make-up Artist
“I use to have a pack and carry a very bulky one-color light that took up a lot of space and weight in my case. Those days are gone. These lights are super easy to set and move around. I can adjust the color for indoor and outdoor scenes, so I can make up the talent accurately. I love these lights!”
Ricky Restiano
Professional Photographer
“This is absolutely the best LED light I’ve used for photography. I have never seen a light source create so much depth, literally wrapping around my subject’s face. Even at the fast pace that I work, I was able to shoot on my own and still get great lighting.”
Joshua Perez
Director of Photography
“The versatility, output & color quality makes for a dependable light that works for any lighting situation. It’s small footprint & flexibility has let me carry 3 or more lights without the need for bulky cases, and gives me the ability to rig the lights to even the most trickiest places with minimal grip equipment. These lights are an essential for my grip truck. I keep them right next to my Joker 800, it stands toe to toe with the best.”